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the bunch

i got an awesome picture of one of my cats.
she's number 3 of 4 actually. her name is gwen.
named after an important woman. (not stefani. even though she is hot.)

and, a few of my cats playing in our lil' concrete garden!!

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your cats are so cute i have two of my own i have a black one with white paws her name is Athena and another one that looks like a cow (the colors) she is so cute her name is sweety.
i LOVE my cats!! well, most any cats really!!

you should post pics of your kitties! my kitties would love to see them!!
I have 5 cats. Starting with the oldest their names are: Merlin (black of course) a a/t, Mooch a tuxedo stray who just showed up also an a/t, Hobbes a tabby with a great sense of humour and mischief, hence the name and he too is an a/t, Lexxie a calico with a serious attitude of queendom and she is an a/q and last, but not least, Ebony the baby who obviously is black and also an a/q.

They are the light of my life and I would give up my husband before I would one of them. Anyone who is around cats for any length of time will quickly understand why they are the number one pet in the world. Some may call them pets, I call them members of the family.
i don't know what i'd do without my kitties.
as a child my dad and brother hated, i did also. i knew no better.

buuuut, now that i'm a grown up...i love my kitties more than life itself.

nice to meet you...add me if you'd like!! i love all cat lovers!!