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Are You Ready To Breed Your Yorkshire Terrier? 
03:11pm 14/06/2008
  Are You Ready To Breed Your Yorkshire Terrier?
 by: Rose Lenk
The reported sales for Yorkshire Terriers is phenomenal. Over the past few years, the popularity of this breed as a family pet and as the dog to breed has seen tremendous growth. In fact, the requests for adorable Yorkie puppies is greater than the supply. This fact has many Yorkie owners wondering if they should look into the possibility of breeding their pet.
While breeding Yorkshire Terriers is a worthy goal, it is not for everybody or every dog. There are many things that should be considered before making the decision to breed your Yorkshire Terrier, the least of which regards whether or not you have the time and space to devote to breeding the energetic Yorkshire Terrier.
Many experts reserve the right to breed dogs to the professional breeder, and they will discourage anyone who has a idea to breed Yorkies from doing so. Though this may sound manipulative, there are good reasons why they discourage casual breeding. While I believe that there are many people who should not even consider breeding their Yorkie, I also feel that there are many intelligent people that can incorporate breeding into their lifestyle responsibly. To find out which category you fall into, consider the following points.
Pedigreed and registered doesn't equal breeding material
Yes, a pedigree and registration are requirements before breeding any purebred dog, but their presence does not mean that you have a Yorkie worthy of breeding. Let me explain. The AKC and other registry organizations certify pedigrees and registrations that guarantee the authenticity of your pet as a purebred Yorkie; they do not certify quality. What this means is that an AKC registered Yorkie can have certain traits that are undesirable for breeding such as congenital health defects which are not discernable to the eye and undesirable behavioral traits, which can become more pronounced in the dog's offspring.
Even breeders that possess dogs with Yorkie bloodlines of the highest quality do not breed all of their puppies. In fact, only a very select few ever get used for breeding. The ones that do are carefully evaluated for health quality, behavioral traits and breed standards in an attempt to continually improve the quality of the Yorkie breed. Randomly breeding registered Yorkies does the exact opposite, often resulting in sickly and below-standard puppies.
Breeding Yorkies is not an income opportunity
Breeding Yorkies for monetary gain is not a good reason to pursue breeding this exceptional breed. First, finding a bitch and sire of high enough quality to breed can be an expensive undertaking. Caring for your breeders and puppies until they are old enough to be sold can also be very expensive.
Think about it this way. The average Yorkshire Terrier litter is from one to four puppies. Now, you may be able to sell these puppies for $1,000 to $1,500, but Yorkies require veterinary attention and breeder care for the first three months of their life. Add on to this the cost of a possible Cesarean section and the fact that you cannot whelp more than one litter per dam per year, and you may find yourself in the hole rather than coming out ahead.
Time and dedication
It is estimated that the average breeder spends 120 hours per month caring for their Yorkies and pups. This 120 hours cannot be scheduled around other obligations; other obligations must be scheduled around your puppies. The small size of Yorkie puppies make them extremely susceptible to hypoglycemia and instant death during the first three months of life if they are not cared for properly. So, having a litter of Yorkies pretty much takes a considerable chunk of time and independence from your life.
And it doesn't end when they are three months old. A good breeder will carefully screen and interview all potential buyers to ensure that their puppies get placed in only the best homes. They will also offer support to the puppy's new family to make sure that they are properly prepared to care for the Yorkie, and they will stay available to help out any purchasers in need, even if it means accepting the puppy or full-grown Yorkie back into their home if problems arise.
If you are still not deterred after considering all of these breeding realities, you may just have what it takes to successfully breed Yorkshire Terriers. The next step is to find out all you can about Yorkies and how to breed them. The AKC is a great place to start. Good luck!

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Dog Flu: Can Your Dog Get It? 
11:11am 13/06/2008
  Dog Flu: Can Your Dog Get It?
 by: Neal Kennedy
Dog flu, a highly contagious and sometimes deadly canine disease has been detected in a number of states and may be spreading around the country.
Researchers reported that the mysterious dog flu is an influenza strain that jumped from horses to dogs.
The dog flu is highly similar to the equine flu that's been in the U.S. for more than 40 years. Influenza has never before occurred in dogs.
Humans don't get the virus from horses, and it's unlikely they'll get it from dogs, according to experts at the Influenza Branch of the Centers for Disease Control.
The medical term for dog flu is H3N8 influenza virus.
Symptoms of canine flu are a lot like those of "kennel cough." Dogs with symptoms may have a nagging cough, fever, and nasal discharge.
Dogs with canine flu are susceptible to getting pneumonia.
Canine flu made the news earlier this year as greyhound racetracks closed to control outbreaks. Veterinarians struggled to tell if the illness was a new variant of kennel cough or an entirely new disease. It was first detected at a Florida racetrack and several dogs died from it.
Tests of blood stored by racetracks suggests the new canine flu strain began infecting dogs sometime between 1999 and 2003, well before the first outbreaks were recognized.
The announcement follows months of rumors and growing worry among dog-lovers, about canine flu.
Researchers have been working on a canine flu vaccine for three months. It's not yet known how long it would take for such a flu vaccine to be to developed, tested, manufactured, and distributed for veterinary use.
For additional information visit .dog-health.name/dogflu/dogflu.htm

Fuck! Is the Havanese the right Puppy for you?
04:48pm 31/05/2006
mood: hyper
meowy christmas 
03:07pm 24/12/2005
mood: tickled finals are over

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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05:36pm 19/11/2005
  There's a new cat community up called felinebehavior. It's a place to discuss your cat's strange behavior, be it curious, smart, comical, or just plain odd. Ask questions and discuss those unique feline behaviors that aren't necessarily problems, but get our attention.

I made this community because I've been part of a forum of the same nature that just seems to be dead now. I really enjoyed hearing about all these different cats' cute or quirky ways. I hope you'll all join and share your cats' with everyone. We can discuss solutions, laugh about the cute nature of your cat, or be there to support each other in those troubled times.
08:13pm 16/09/2005
my account has been looking for naughty kittens, as long as they are free then kittens everywhere will live in fear
There're all dead!!! 
06:48pm 29/08/2005
mood: sleepy
All seven plants I bought last year(along with ones I grew from seeds) are now no more thanks to my two lovely cats Precious and Podo.Talk about learning the hard way that you can't have plants in your appartment cause your cats will eat them,dig them up,or knock them onto the floor.There is one plant left,but it's one that came with the appartment.They cannot eat this one fast enough and cause it's a water plant it's too heavy to knock down.I guess it's like "Survivor" but with plants,and the loser gets eaten by my cats!
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Hello Bad Kittens 
04:31pm 26/08/2005
mood: naughty
Hi Im new.

Im Mr Teacups and Im a naughty kitty.
I promise Ill be nice to everyone.
Oh and you can trust me, really.
Well I guess humans cant.
I scratched Human-Mom's head today.
That wasnt very good.
I was sweating but grining. ^_^;
Thats a funy computer face.
Oh and I dont know how to spell really.
But I think most cats will be able to translayte.

anyone interested? 
03:39am 17/08/2005
  anyone interested? join today!

the bunch 
09:07pm 04/08/2005
mood: high

i got an awesome picture of one of my cats.
she's number 3 of 4 actually. her name is gwen.
named after an important woman. (not stefani. even though she is hot.)

and, a few of my cats playing in our lil' concrete garden!!

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09:51pm 23/07/2005
mood: high

my big cat, Lefty Ruggerio Gaudio, likes to lay around. And, when i say 'around'..i really mean lay 'around'. he's the godfather to the rest of my cats. i really shouldn't have gotten him that spiked collar...sheesh! Take a look at him...
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holy terrors 
08:52am 08/07/2005
  So I adopted a 2 year old male cat to be a companion to my 3 year old male cat. I also just moved into a new apartment with 2 roomies.
They want to kill my cats. hell, I WANT TO.
They have been together for about a month now, and all they do is fight. AT night, it's *crash bang boom SCREECH* and it's keeping all of us awake. My roomies and I are really getting fed up! if we separate them, they cry and claw at the doors.

anything I can do short of getting rid of one of them?!
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new member 
09:09am 15/06/2005
hi my name is amandaImage hosted by Photobucket.com
im 17 and i just joined
im posting some pics of myself
to introduce:

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Hi there| Do not stand against my non-nonsense 
03:39pm 09/05/2005
  Hi there.

I'm Tika Bell and when Mom goes away for a week I pee on her bed.


I have just been appointed Queen of Cats, hehehe. I now am welcome to have a part of the bio in oj_kit_kit and paddy_pawz.

Tika Bell
01:15am 19/04/2005
  O.k. bad kitties- beat this:
My cat got mad at me for being gone too long, and peed in my toaster!
No more waffles for awhile...
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Kitty Icons 
10:07am 10/04/2005
mood: bored




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Bad Kitty! 
11:32am 08/04/2005
mood: amused

My cat Sneaky LOVES to be in the middle of things and often disturbs our work. Here are a few:

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09:23pm 04/04/2005
mood: silly
Hello. You can call me Dee and... I lurrve cats. Long time lover. Forever.
 They're beautiful, amazing, and just bad. I'm just a bad kitten myself
. :)

This is my kitty. Though she is not with me any longer, I will always always love and remember her.

<-  What a naughty kitty!

<- Here she is as angelic as can be...but I know in her dreams she is just being bad.

08:14pm 31/03/2005
  Do you love and adore cats and especially red tabbies? I hope it is all right to advertise other communities on here. Because I have made a new community called Red Tabby Cats. I would love to have people interested come see it. Please join and have fun!
Here is the address link.
Red Tabby Cats
03:42am 11/02/2005
  Hi, my name is Panzer, im new to the community.
my hobbies include: yogurt, underground hip-hop, dueling, and plotting against my parents undead_oni and zombieskank
Im very tempremental and have been called a "diva" many a time. my bestfriend is _murm_ we luv bein bad together

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